Equipment available / rental costs-


Tiffen Exovest, 3a arm, GPI pro sled- 750/day

Freefly Movi-

I own two movi pros, one with tb50 / tilt offsets (650/day) and one base kit (400/day)

Freefly m5 (for backpack gigs)- 150/day

Tilta armorman 2- 100/day

Easyrig minimax (16lb payload- 65/day

easyrig 3n (27lb payload) 100/day


Phantom 4- 400/day

inspire 2- 1500/day

Heavy lift- 6000/day

Monitors and Wireless-

Tilta nucleus M wireless follow focus- 75/day

Vaxis 500+ wireless transmitter (2) / receiver (3)- 50/day per component

Smallhd 702 bright (2 available)- 75/day,

Wooden camera cage + 2x gold mount batteries / charger- 30/day

Panasonic 17in monitor- 100/day

Panasonic 26in monitor- 150/day


-fs7 - 300/day

-a7sii- 75/day

-Fuji xt3- 75/day

-blackmagic pocket 4k (new) 100/day